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Its climatic transition from the extremely dry to humid conditions facilitates a parallel change in date cultivar distribution from dry dates in the north to semidry and soft dates southward.Palm and bunch management techniques, safer means of ascending date palms, and harvest, packing, and handling techniques are being improved.Conservation work was undertaken in 1994 to stabilise the structure.An inscription revealed that the basilica had been renovated in 691AD - during the Umayyad period.He Almost Fainted When He Just Couldn't Pee: ENLARGED PROSTATE!!! Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions. Konstantinos Dino Politis has made available to APAAME his collection of slides and negatives taken in the course of aerial reconnaissance in Jordan over a period from the early 1990s until the early 2000s.

You can find the collection of photographs here: The Konstantinos D Politis Collection If you have any additional information regarding one of the photographs please do not hesitate to leave a comment on the Flickr photo page.

He expressed “the Honourable Minister of Health's gratitude to Plan International Nigeria for their immense contributions to the development of health data management in Nigeria” Also speaking, Mr Orji Ogbureke, the Head of Programme and Business Development, Plan International Nigeria who represented the Country Director of the organisation, Dr Hussaini Abdu said the meeting was informed by the fact that states were using different tools and forms to collect community data.

Ogbureke said: “these data were usually localised in offices and not available in a central location such as Data Health Information System platform which captures mostly facility level data”.

Six good local commercial cultivars are available, and research is coming up with better composition of cultivars by local selection and foreign introductions from tissue laboratories.

Seven tissue culture laboratories are being developed for plant propagation, but these laboratories are not yet engaged in date palm propagation.


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