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We then cut to Babs's room where she is looking at herself in the mirror and giving the next rule) Babs: "Rule # 8: Plan you outfit ahead, so you don't keep you date waiting" (A few seconds later she looked at her outfit and gave an express that she hates it) Babs: "Yeck, I hate this! " (Babs then ran back to her closet to try out different outs fits, the first being a football jersey) Babs: "Too Sporty" (Ran to closet and came out wearing a shiny dress with crown and pink heels) Babs: "To Fancy" (Ran back to closet and came out wearing a poncho and sombrero, shook her head no and ran back to the closet.We then return to the living room where Buster is giving out another rule about dating, With Mr." (A giant heart-shape candy box appears) Buster: "No it's dating! " (We then goes to Babs' room where she covered the phone and explain the next rule of dating) Babs: "Rule # 3, Never let yourself seem to anxious" (Babs the talked on the phone) Babs: "Why Buster, are you asking me out on a date?" (We then both Buster and Babs, that looks like they are in the same room but are still in their own rooms) Buster: "For the sake of this bit, yeah so what do you say"?" (Suddenly a large hand and paint bust appeared out of nowhere and changed Babs back to her original outfit) Babs: "Perfect, Thanks! Bunny as Buster is telling an interesting story) Buster: "So i told the cops it was a big misunderstanding and they didn't arrest me or anything, hahahahah! " (As Babs is ready for their date, Buster appeared to say hi to Babs) Buster: "Hiya Babsy!(to the camera) Compliment her" (Buster then smelled Babs to compliment her, only to offend her a bit) Buster: "Gee, you smell good. " (Upon hearing Buster's compliment, which she thinks is an insult, she turn to the camera, looking ticked) Babs: (Ticked) "Accepted compliments gracefully" (Babs slapped Buster in the face) Babs: "Knock it off, Let's go to the movies" (As Babs grabbed Buster's arm and dragged him out from one scene, in the next scene both of the popped out of Babs' hole to begin their date) Babs: "Off to the Mo...." (But as soon as they were about to leave, they heard the bell from the school to see it's midnight then looked at each other) Buster: "Midnight" Babs: "Gee I guess I took a little too long getting ready" Buster: "Well, the Movie's over" Babs: "So our Date, bye!Bunny, who we only sees his large purple fured leg) Buster: "Guys, when dealing with a date's parents small talks is unavoidable. Gee sir you must display a great deal of water when submerged." (However Buster's small talk somehow made Mr.

" Buster: "An Ink Blot" Babs: "And now I say a word and you say the first word that pops into your head, Okay? " (Babs then leap of from her desk and attack buster by tying his ears is knots then jump off screen) Buster: "Rule #5; Never ever call a girl chubby." (We then cut to a section of a library where Babs is dress like a judge with a book in front of her) Babs: "And now toonsers, Rule #6; the pre-date agreement. " (As Harriet was done taking, Babs turned to Buster who revealed that Harriet said something good about him) Babs: "It's a date.

The scene change to Calamity as he is smiling seeing his plan coming together then change back to the cherry bomb and the bowling ball, however after the small blast, it was shown that the bowling ball is not rolling, The scene then change to Calamity who is shocked to see his plan failed once again.

After finishing the bird seeds Beeper left , leaving a small dust cloud.) Beeper: "Beep, beep!

(The first act take place at night where we see Buster coming out of his hole,wearing a formal suit,his hair comb-back and greeting the viewers) Buster: "Greeting Tooners, Buster Bunny here, along with my co-host Babs Bunny." (As Buster introduce Babs to the right, Babs jumped out from the left and surprise Buster) Babs: "No relation, Hey Toots,what's with the penguin?

" Buster: "Well Barbara Ann" (Babs became angry as Buster said her real name and small comes out of her ears) Babs: "Don't call me that! occasionally we on tiny toon, provide a public service ." (Babs then pushed Buster and explain one of the early services then did) Babs: "Like the time we told you to find you Brussel sprouts in your napkin." (Buster then push Babs back to finish him announcement) Buster: "Yeah, and today we are going to address a topic that looms a head for all of us." Babs: "College?


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