Adult business cam home web

Get a friend and a camera in a well lit room and take many pictures in different positions and outfits.

Create several galleries all with a different theme.

with that girl who doesn't haft to work because of her website, well i was sold.

i don't need another horrible fast food job to help push me through college because my scholarship isn't cutting it, plus there's the rent and other bills and other stuff.

Once you start to gain momentum on the social ladder you can now start to promote your webcam shows.

Just Tweet or post up every time you're about to login and start a webcam show.

To be an independent webcam model you need your own website. Anyone can create a free website and register a subdomin such as yourname.

The features are limited in the free version but for £20 a month you can have your own domain name i.e.

Follow people of interest and make sure you keep your profiles up to date with interesting information, pictures and videos.

Place the code where you would like the webcam button to be.

We have put together an example page of a webcam model here. All you need now are clients clicking on your webcam button You're probably sick of me mentioning social media sites by now but hopefully you have realised the sheer volume of clients that can be driven to your website, all through clever social media profiles.

Once you've created your site, sign up for our pay per minute webcam software.

Download and install our software which will connect your webcam to your account in order to show clients you are online.


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