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We visited and without me asking, she found a nice upgrade in my car fort the same price as the smaller one.Returning the rented car was pleasant, and with an extra touch.I was quoted a per day price for a week's rental but when I needed to drop it off after a day, I was CHARGED FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK.They specifically said that there would be no pre-payment charge, and my insurance company would not reimburse me for a Dollar rental, so I had to return. Pick up was ok the guy was nice, he did kinda change his attitude when we didn't want the extra insurance.I asked what she had available, She said they only had large SUV's. I hate greedy people, that have forgotten the meaning of customer service. The woman told me I may be waiting a couple hours and suggested I look elsewhere.She did not apologize for the inconvenience nor offer any assistance.I am 74 years old and had two large suitcases to drag with me.

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When I approached the counter and asked if they had my name on file the reservation person said no I had no reservation.

When I asked if they had any cars available she asked the guy at the Dollar Counter if he had a car, like she was trying to make me someone else's problem. I Said no thanks pulled up my Kayak app and rented a full sized car for per day.

When she showed me the total price, it was way too much and I told her I couldn't afford it, and she gave me a nasty attitude. They traded me into a car that did not connect to bluetooth, even though my reservation specified that I wanted that.

Then she ran my card incorrectly and told me she couldn't run it again for 24 hrs, so I had to go to a different rental counter When I checked in, the gentleman at the counter asked if I had insurance. I am obviously too trusting because the next day I looked at the bill and they had charged me for every type of insurance available. I liked the fact that the same woman that was behind the counter minutes before I made my reservation with Kayak had to help me with my reservation.


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