American reality television dating game

Who would create the programming that would sell their TV sets? Even though television was still considered a fad, throughout the 1940s, the deep-pocketed television divisions of NBC and CBS -- and soon ABC – cashed in on the tastes of the American public.How would they dominate this new commercial medium, without destroying their hugely profitable radio divisions? Networks expanded their reach as key cities built broadcast facilities.(Highlighted links will take you to The Interview's curated in-depth oral histories and TV show pages.) Birth of Television to The Dawn of Networks (1800s-1939) HAL KANTER, Comedy Writer Television was never one person's vision -- as early as the 1820s, the idea began to germinate.Certainly by 1880, when a speculative article appeared in The Scientific American magazine, the concept of a working television system began to spread on an international scale.Lopez subsequently married singer Marc Anthony in June 2004 at a private ceremony at her Los Angeles mansion.Returning to the big stage, Lopez found time to join forces with her husband in the 2006 biopic .

Following rumors of the relationship's demise, the couple broke up in early 2004.

However, her personal life was troubled; in July 2011, Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their plans to separate.

In an interview with , Lopez didn't reveal the cause of the breakup, but said, "I loved myself enough to walk away." With a new hit song out, the superstar refused to be deterred. "I honestly feel like the time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things that I do, that I put ...

While the title track received some attention, Lopez's personal life generated more media interest: Once known for her revealing fashions, Lopez started wearing loose-fitting tops, creating speculation about whether she was pregnant.

Many photos of her seemed to show a "baby bump," but the official announcement didn't come until November 7, 2007. The baby boy and girl were the first children for Lopez, and the fourth and fifth for Anthony.


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