An error occurred while updating disk io failure

BITS 1.5 puts the job into ERROR state with BG_E_INVALID_RESPONSE in the above 2 cases, because of error code mapping E_INVALIDARG is always mapped to (BG_E_INVALID_SERVER_RESPONSE) Due to a bug in BITS 1.5 OOB setup, after BITS 1.5 install, the BITS service is deleted, but the 1.5 install returns success code.BITS 1.5 binaries are copied to the machine, but the service doesnt exist.Windows has detected that one or more protected files on your computer have been modified.The Service Pack contains updated versions of those files, which work to provide a stable environment for your programs.For ex, if the proxy server is set to this error will be seen.This error is also seen when credentials are supplied such that scheme is not NTLM/Negotiate, but username/password is NULL, since that is not valid (Winhttp Set Credentials fails with E_INVALIDARG.If you click Yes, the updated version Setup cannot continue because one or more pre-requisites required to install failed. can throw this error when it starts to download if the computer is running under battery power (there may be a fix for this in the future).

BITS puts the job in TRANSIENT_ERROR with the same error code.BITS tries to initialize the event logger object during initialization and fails to start, if the initialization fails.If event log service is not running, then the initialization fails with RPC_S_UNKNOWN_IF error The description of WSASYSNOTREADY says WSAStartup cannot function at this time because the underlying system it uses to provide network services is currently unavailable.In order to have the fixes contained in both the service pack and the previously installed hotfixes, you must obtain and install the updated versions of the following hotfixes prior to or following the service pack installation.These hotfixes are also The Product Key used to install Windows is invalid.This can also happen if the BITS service is explicitly deleted by running the command sc delete bits BITS service has a dependency on lanmanworkstation service in BITS 1.0 and 1.2.


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