Benefits of consolidating data centers

Wikibon has researched in depth the early adoption of flash storage by leading IT organizations, and concluded that best-practice use of flash necessitates a radical change in the way IT systems are organized, developed and architected.

These changes will directly increase productivity for IT, the application end-user and the organization.

The changes will also enable new business and organizational models and drive significant increases in productivity, value-add and revenue.

It concludes that these changes together with converged infrastructure have the potential to reduce the typical IT budget by one third over a five year period while delivering the same functionality with improved response times to the business.When new technologies are first introduced, they are initially used to replace existing technologies.The second stage is when advanced users (and very occasionally new vendors) find new ways of using these new technologies to solve new problems never even conceived by the original technologists.The changes to the snapshot are then write to a deltas file.This enables very fast publication of a new test version of any database.Creating database copies for the developers was previously an intense bandwidth and elapsed time operation taking place on weekends, and providing only subset copies of the database.


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