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What is your answer to that type of person, who would be down for this kind of experience, but who feel there's too much to catch up on?

Yeah, our expectation isn't that everybody coming to the game new is gonna wanna go from the beginning.

In that way, it seems like it's going to be a more personal story, because we've already done these kind of world ending, huge narratives. It's not a big giant monster or a titan like Sargeras.Well, there are people that want to be max and are looking for, "I gotta make sure I get the most DPS!" And I think that there's always gonna be a large number of our fanbase that are out there doing an analysis and trying to figure out how can they can get the absolute most out of their class.But while that tutorial was helpful, I felt like I still had to go online to read up on the best rotations, that I needed some outside help to get a real feel for the best build for my class.Will there be more of that kind of explanation in-game?But we do wanna prepare you so you aren't just completely unaware on what you need to do.


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