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But all these boil down to one main question: how do you stop the trolls?How do you stop people from trashing someone they have a grudge against?Lerner is the creator of a dating app called The Grade, which launched last year with the goal of creating a space that was free of creeps, and therefore more hospitable to women.In its first iteration, The Grade relied on an algorithm to weed out the worst people on the app, and garnered more than 100,000 downloads.

" /Just as the title says, participants have nude dates in natural locations.A new app called Stroovy aims to help users vet the people they meet on dating sites by reading and writing reviews based on their experience.The idea is similar to Lulu, the app that began as a way for women to rate and review men they dated.(Lulu transitioned to a more conventional dating app earlier this year.) But, unlike Lulu's reviews, Stroovy takes reviews from users of all genders.The app's reviews are also not anonymous, at least not completely.When Peeple, the “Yelp for humans,” was announced recently, there was an outpouring of anger from the media and the general public.


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