Brendon urie spencer smith dating

The band’s fifth album is an explosive, colourful rock album, shot through with not a little dancefloor energy.

It speaks of one change in the 28-year-old’s personal circumstances – three years ago he married Sarah Orzechowski, an aesthetician (a skincare specialist) from Detroit.

When Ross walks into a strip-mall Port of Subs with drummer Spencer Smith and singer Brendon Urie, both 19, the shop is empty except for two cold-cut slingers, neither of whom recognizes the three local celebrities clamoring to upgrade to combo meals when they hear that ROLLING STONE is picking up the tab.

After the release of Panic’s fourth album in 2013, drummer Spencer Smith exited the band to deal with addiction to alcohol and prescription pills. Like his fellow Las Vegas showman-cum-frontman, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers, Urie was raised a Mormon.

I only knew I wanted to do some songs that were Sinatra-inspired, and Queen-inspired, little moments here and there.” Indeed, one of the more refreshing sounds on Death of a Bachelor, notably on the title track, is Urie giving it full “crooner”.

Against expectation, it works, which is one benefit of growing up in Las Vegas and being steeped in its entertainment history.

“The first track I wrote was ‘Hallelujah’,” he says of a gospel-goes-funk song released 10 months ago and whose video has had almost 15 million You Tube videos.

“And at the time I didn’t have an album in mind, [nor] this full vision for an album.


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