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Evidence shown to the court included coded messages left in the student’s locker and gifts such as the engraved dog tags the teacher gave the student after their first sexual encounter: “BFF. 19-05-02.” In a written statement, the student stated that Pontbriand ended it after he entered CEGEP, saying she’d met someone new.

He went to police in 2007 after being expelled; later he claimed the relationship left him depressed and suicidal.

Ten of the 15 revocations in 2012 were for sexually related misconduct; three involved female teachers.

The teacher bought the boy a cellphone after his mother tried to shut down communication between the two.

He bragged to his friends about it, how could he be hurt?

’ ” Judges tend to reflect community values, says Shoop, and generally [in the U. One of those values, he says, is that women are powerless and need to be protected from sex-addled males, whatever their age.

The Crown called for three years incarceration for “egregious breach of trust.” Ralph received 18 months house arrest, six months curfew and community service.

The entrenched belief that men are propelled by lust, women by emotional need, shadowed Ralph’s case, as it does others involving female teachers.


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