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Both sides are pretty poor, although E Ukraine has some manufacturing industry whereas in W Ukraine mostly IT and a little tourism “Are you paying these girls?No girl is going to come to Kiev from Sevastopol, unless knows you pretty well already, or there is a financial benefit” Oooops, I forgot the frame of this forum. The girls from Sevastopol were two, I first met them in Kiev, later they visited me twice in Kiev before the “Annexion” and stayed for a week in my apartment for free.Although I agree that the quality of girls in Alchemist was never high when I went and it's not my kind of place, I kinda wonder whether you went to the right place Incubus.Because the Dynamics you described don't really fit in with it, about 8s cruising through looking for cash and the place just setting up the tables at 10 etc...Maybe the bar is good on sone nights..bars can be hit or miss..any traveller time is valuable you make a judgement call for your night to try for success...there's hundreds of drinking holes in Kiev..need to dwell on one place. I dont doubt the brit was making an ass out of himself but i think you overplayed the scenario in your head by associating yourself with that in the girls heads. Western guys in particular jump too much to conclusions about gold diggers whenever they see a girl made up to look sexy. yes Beirut I hear ya You may have opened up a small topic on the Ukraine that may need debate (we all love content!.maybe just me) Face Control Actually to see bouncers not inside a bar (strip clubs excluded) but outside,at the bar entrance (all night) means they are trying to keep someone out...before they get inside..cause trouble for the bars reputation (under age drinkers...whores...drunks) It was "casual" wear at the Alchemist..hipster crap wear which means the gatekeepers were looking to filter out women IMO...(even at that early hour of 10pm) That too much to assume the gatekeepers missed a few...the only chicks in front of you are what the gatekeepers thought were okay for you.the bars reputation. I read a review somewhere on a bar that the gatekeepers wouldn't except a ukraine chicks passport FFS's If I move further away from the Arena City center face control diminishes (not the nightclubs) which technically means the locals that frequent that bar/lounge/cafe/pub or resturant don't have a whore problem and who ever is at that establishment isn't up for a mind debate on gold digger or working girl (real time saver) Anybody here during the summer (me) couldn't help but notice the hot chicks all around..question I had coming back Sept was.

so 20 people and that rooms full..eating room has a dj booth and tables for maybe another 30 people. I also assume the local gold diggers follow the money into pubs used as warm up spots prior too the skybar or par bar strolls or street walking stops Face control is there for the trash Maybe demeaned was the wrong word (not to be anal on exact statement) how about feeling like a smuck tourist with a camera around his neck ..getting a label smacked to my forehead by the locals.

The closest analogy is Japanese tourists at Niagara Falls No I don't turn down 7's ...I have to go into detail...of the brits wingmen was vibrating? by himself I guess it was to impress some girls who got uncomfortable and left...

I wasn't interested in the upcoming 3 drunk/stoner show in a tiny bar... I like to smoke in the places I go...going outside means maybe not getting back in..that fair enough?

You have girls that look equal to those in Kyiv, dress similar, and are less accustomed to foreigners.

Go to a 2nd-tier town, and the English level is decent as well, although if you know some Ukrainian, or even some Russian (despite it being in the West), you'll be fine.


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