Christian dating affection

Even more than expressing feelings, physical touch is an expression of .

But I have a friend who I know had the maturity to hold hands during his courtship, but didn’t because her Dad wasn’t comfortable with it. And if your parents want you to have a hands-off relationship, respect that. I think the “hands-off” teaching came after the increase of premarital sex back in the sixties, so it’s focused on keeping couples from facing the temptation for sexual sin.When Teresa and I first started dating and were deciding whether or not to be “hands off,” we asked our Dad’s about what they thought. However, I was looking for more definitive answers. Is it okay to have physical touch with your girlfriend? There is a lot of teaching out there that promotes hands-off courtship. As I’ve listened to conversations about physical touch, I’ve discovered several misconceptions we have about it when it comes to courtship. And we have to be real about that in order to truly understand its place in courtship. Obsessive touch when dating is often because of something unhealthy in the relationship. I think Teresa’s Dad requested that I honor her wishes, which was perfectly appropriate. (Check out James ) And it’s possible to touch someone without having lust in your heart. When it comes to romantic relationships and physical touch, it is never fully satisfied until sexual intercourse.But if our hearts are filled with lust we are playing with fire and will be dominated by the physical touch. Don’t just read my post and make your own conclusions, get the advice of older friends who know you both as a couple. Or sometimes I put my arm around her too often and it caused her to struggle because it felt closer and more intimate than what we should be at that point in our relationship. This is also why I say you don’t need to lock yourself into a “commitment.” We found that more important than setting a specific standard we couldn’t deviate from was If it was becoming too much, we’d back off. Here’s why this is so important: a successful courtship is not about getting married.Whether or not touch is a complement to a relationship or a distraction is based on the maturity of the couple. Or when we felt like it was a good time to implement some touch, we did so without feeling guilty. It’s about figuring out whether marriage is the next step.Touching someone you deeply love will arouse you and you need to be prepared for that. Once we held hands, we wanted to kiss (just to be blunt). If you allow physical touch in your courtship, there may come a time you realize it’s becoming obsessive and you need to gear back. If you’re touching just to touch (because that’s what romantic relationships are all about), you are sending the wrong signal to the other person.


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