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Please remember that we have many lost souls and potential Christians that the Lord leads here to heal and learn and the last thing they need is to enter a place expecting peace and instead experience debates between various people on controversial topics which oft times becomes judging and can cause these souls to feel condemned because of past mistakes or sin, by Christians who are also sinners, who enjoy GRACE. If you smoke and/or drink alcohol thats your business however please be courteous to others and either turn off your cam or walk out of the site of the cam while you smoke and/or drink. Once again, the same rules apply to the typed chat room.

Please remember that we all come from diff backgrounds and may have varying beliefs, but we share one POWERFUL common bond which should have us overcome these lil differences and that is our love for and belief in Jesus Christ, which makes us brothers and sisters in HIS family. If you decide to share video chat with others please cover yourself appropriately as if you were going to church. If you want to discuss your worldly conquests, please take it to a worldly site or keep it in private.

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Christianity Oasis has provided you with SON-sational Free Christian Chat Rooms based entertainment, Free Christian Chat Rooms programs and Free Christian Chat Rooms studies on the Internet for almost a decade now and we have also provided you with Free Christian forums and Free Christian Chat Rooms and Free Christian Chat Rooms FUN.We have adopted some of the best security programs and procedures over the last several years.We also have monitors watching the Oasis Chat Rooms and they will warn, silence, eject and even ban any individuals that are proven to be disruptive.Consider surfing with your children and make it a fun experience for them.This will be a constructive way to spend more time with your children.We have provided you with a C-O-O-L Prize Package Drawing. We have created our Free Christian Teen Chat Rooms for Christian Teens looking for Christian Teen Chat Rooms and Christian Teen Chat Rooms forums as well as potential Christian Teens to have their own Free Christian Teen Chat Rooms.


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