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I lived through it since I was live watching and recapping what was a truly horrendous drama, where the lack of quality was overshadowed by the filming stress that got to Han Ye Seul and she basically quit the drama midway by hopping on a plane for LA.She returned less than 24-hours later but it was one of the craziest drama filming situations in the industry.LOL, this is pretty kosher with me since it’s clear their Korean-American backgrounds figured heavily into the development of their relationship with so much in common.The news was broken by a woman’s magazine that claimed the couple were introduced by mutual friends and have been dating for the last 6 months.Lee Jun Ki perhaps finding love with former co-star Lee Da Hae because both are so active in China?

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The South Korean entertainment grand dating train of 2013 continues unabated, and with a little over one month left I’m dying to have it go out with a giant bang.

Minaj said that Swift was misinterpreting her comments.

Taylor tried to smooth over the whole situation with this but we ain’t having it!

Officials from the agency have also recently confirmed the news, stating, “We have finalised i KON’s debut date for September 15.

They’re currently preparing diligently.” So after BIGBANG wrap up their promotions, i KON will be up next to take the torch!


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