Dating a really thin guy

But c'mon, just because of one girl (probably a nobody) you went depressed?I think the first problem you need to tackle is your "mind".As a college student, I spent nights at the gym making genuine grunting noises while picking things up and putting them down.I upped my calories by gorging at the cafeteria on campus.“I told you he was bulimic,” I heard someone say from the other side of the bathroom.At the end of a year of intensive eating and exercise, I put on a mere ten pounds.

There’s no cushion there.” The first time she saw my body was in the middle of winter.

You will also do well to hit the gym to add some pieces of meat. And for the records, you need to change that perception of yours.

Yes, I know it's discouraging to be "rejected" by someone.

The next year I cut exercise while keeping the diet.

I lost five pounds.◊♦◊I know what some of you are thinking because I hear it all the time, especially from women: “I wish I could stay skinny like that,” and, “You make me feel bad for my weight.” But if you’re a man and someone says, “You have a girly figure,” would you feel good about your body?


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