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It is the sign of a vibrant society to acknowledge those who lie outside the mainstream An Invisible Community There is an invisible community that deserves our attention.

It’s a community that can’t fight for their rights; a community that suffers from the actions of others, and yet must adjust, sometimes radically, both for the good and for the bad. After all, some of these kids come from privileged homes, while others have parents who care. Yet, what I have discovered after countless therapy cases and offering courses in divorce, is that most of the children of divorce did not ask for this.

Jill Avery-Stoss is a graduate of Penn State University and a writer and editor based in northeast Pennsylvania.

When these effects have been integrated into the lives of those immediately involved, one or both divorcees may begin dating.We are living in a time of evolving sensitivity to communities who have been disempowered.For instance, you don’t have to know someone with a disability to understand the burdens placed on people who look, or act differently, or need accommodations just to reach a level playing field.Divorce Island The problem is that once divorce is initiated people often land in what I like to call, Divorce Island, a place where the old rules often don’t apply. Some are seething in rage, while others are simply depressed or grieving.Parents regress at the very moment that they need to be great parents, guiding their progeny through the process, and can fail to give them what they need. Add to this picture the stigma of divorce and how many of your friends fail you. And, yet you have to raise your children through it all. Thank goodness for good matrimonial attorneys (yes, they exist), mediation and collaborative law. Nevertheless, within all this change and uncertainty, you have to raise your children sanely. But, don’t be surprised if years later, your children tell you they didn’t want to be pulled into the middle.This can accompany the stress of divorce, and it is important for you to make sure your child has the resources he or she needs to succeed.


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