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I called New York City information, and sure enough there was a Richard Arbib listed.

I called him up and said, “Are you Richard Arbib that used to design for Hamilton? I’m amazed that anybody even knows that.” I told him I wanted to interview him, and he said, “Come on up.” So I went up to interview him in New York. He was wearing a bad toupee and his house was total clutter – a stack to the ceiling with drawings and memorabilia and original renderings from all the different companies that he had designed for.

I started in Pennsylvania where Hamilton was, calling all around the towns, looking for Richard Arbib.

I found nothing, and finally I thought I may be on the wrong track and should start with big cities.

It was a very unusual watch, one of the first wristwatches.

22mm x 27mm 14 karat yellow gold snap back case with shaped lugs and case sides. Silver dial with applied gold Arabic numerals and markers with yellow dauphine style hands. Silver dial with applied gold numerals and markers.

Pretty little Elgin ladies pendant watch from about 1910.

Being a watch nut, I asked him if I could actually purchase drawings, and he let me.

I could have bought all of the engine drawings and the automobile drawings and the vacuum cleaner drawings, but I was too naïve to do that because I wasn’t really into the whole design world. I bought all of the watch renderings that he had, and 20 years later his stuff is included in museums around the world.


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