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In early 1984, they only performed at a few local, low key venues.

Still a trio, they changed their name to Spacemen 3. We did a poster which was just for The Spacemen, which we were for a while.

Their gigs had an 'anti performance' element: Kember and Pierce would play their guitars sitting down and would barely acknowledge the audience.

In January 1986, Spacemen 3 attended the home studio of Carlo Marocco at Piddington, outside Northampton, to record their new demo tape.

We wanted to make sure, absolutely, that all those people who were there were actually there because they were getting it.

By summer 1985, Spacemen 3 were headlining at The Black Lion and becoming one of the biggest local bands.

This material – which included early iterations of the songs "Walkin' with Jesus", "Come Down Easy" and "Thing'll Never be the Same" – was used for a short demo tape entitled For All The Fucked Up Children Of The World We Give You Spacemen 3.

They got a few hundred cassette copies made and produced their own artwork and booklet to accompany it, selling the tapes for £1 at a local record shop.


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