Dating for cobat vets

Spouses often joke that it is not safe to wake a sleeping veteran from anywhere close by.This is because, when startled awake, the vet can react with an unbelievably strong amount of aggression because he believes he is responding to an unknown threat.As of April, 2010 (the last time data was published), eighteen of our nation’s heroes were committing suicide each day.PARANOIA – In Iraq, a paranoid soldier is a soldier who stays alive.

When that same soldier, whose mind has been changed by PTSD, returns home, he is often unable to shut off his vigilant behavior.Learn more » X External Links Disclaimer This page may contain links to pages and/or documents outside the Department of Veterans Affairs Domain. ) is not just something that happens to a soldier when they have to kill someone (though that can play a part).HOSTILITY / AGGRESSION – Veterans with PTSD exhibit significantly higher levels of hostility and aggression than the general public, or even than other soldiers who have experienced combat.Since they have lived for a long period of time where they needed to aggressively react at a moment’s notice in order to stay alive, this way of acting has become an ingrained habit.It is one of the most complaints associated with PTSD.


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