Dating for the deaf

I made an account but chickened out before using it!

"What’s the best date place in terms of allowing you and your date to communicate effectively?

Her acoustic rendition of Ave Maria was recently featured in the HBO series The Newsroom, a performance which was internationally recognized for its unique musical arrangement and vocal delivery. Selected Credits: Deaf West’s Spring Awakening (Wallis Annenberg Center), Brooklynite (Vineyard Theatre), Here’s Hoover!

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Proud alum of the University of Michigan, BFA Musical Theatre.

I don't really use them, though."Like everything, there are specialist dating sites for people with hearing loss — have you ever tried them?

"I did think about joining a dating site for deaf people when I was single.

Between dating apps and ghosting, f**k boys and breadcrumbing, it's a wonder that population growth hasn't stalled thanks to how flipping hard it can be to meet anyone you'd like to do anything more with than shake hands. This means that she has "rubbish" (her word) hearing in both ears and, in order to converse, relies on both hearing aids and lip reading. Unlike normal hearing, I'm unable to adjust and focus on something, for example, someone talking in a loud environment.

They are also at double the risk of developing depression. K., has bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of a severe-to-profound nature. "The hearing aids obviously don't fix or make up for the hearing loss: They amplify all sounds.


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