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This is when online thieves purchase items with stolen credit cards and have them sent to an innocent party to be shipped out of the country. embassy in Accra, Ghana, reports receiving up to 15 calls a week from Americans who have lost money on relationship scams originating in Ghana, Desilets said.

Miskell also investigates check or money-order fraud, when the suspect sends the victim a fraudulent check or money order to cash and then has the innocent party wire him or her the money before the bank discovers the instrument was fraudulent. There are also official warnings from the State Department with regard to dating scams originating from the Ukraine.

The man she dated is described as a white male, in his 50s. Police know very little about him, even though they have a name and an e-mail address.

"We don't know whether he lives in New Hampshire or not," Dirsa said.

I’m seeking a serious relationship leading to marriage.

I am very decent God fearing lady and need and genuine man whom i can spend the rest of my life with. Any serious man seeking a woman email me through my inbox. I don’t want any jokers, please be professional on the way you go about things.

Christian Desilets, a resource attorney with the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), responded to an e-mail request for information.

To his knowledge, he said, the exact dimensions of Internet dating fraud have not been measured with any degree of certainty.

HAMPTON FALLS -- Scam artists are tapping into the online dating market, and in two cases in Hampton Falls, have stolen thousands of dollars from women who thought they had a romantic relationship."He has a name that is common." He never repaid any amount of the loan, and the woman hasn't heard from him."Like they tell you, anybody can buy anything on the Internet," Dirsa said. People play into emotions." Some people are embarrassed to come forward and admit they've been taken, Dirsa said.The top 10 states for Internet fraud include no New England states.The list does include California, Texas, Florida and New York. a photo I received in an email purportedly from ‘Olga’ in Russia.


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