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It seems crazy to someone who’s never been put in such a situation before, but there are actually lots of guys out there who flirt with other women right in front of their girlfriends.

If your partner is doing this, it’s time to kick him out of your life and leave him for the women he couldn’t tear his eyes away from even while you were right by his side. The fact that he’s still flirting even though he’s supposed to be in a relationship should tell you that he can only handle casual right now.

Except when your BF is on there and he's messaging other girls and letting them write on his wall and you'd with he'd just stop: I have a question about my boyfriend of 3 years. My boyfriend has these 3 certain girls on his friend list; he keeps liking their photos and giving them compliments!

They also put messages on each other wall at least once a week involving some inside joke.

If he doesn’t think you’re important enough to retire his flirting habit, then he doesn’t deserve your love.

If you found out that something you did made him uncomfortable, you would stop it right away because you care for him.

He's doing it in the open, where he knows you can see it.

Facebook flirting isn't even real flirting, and this isn't even Facebook flirting. More Ways to Get Glamour: Chat with celebs, VIP fashion stars, beauty pros and more on our Facebook page!

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" — Perplexed Penelope To see Steve's answer Dear Perplexed Penelope, This question makes me laugh.Unfortunately, a relationship takes two people to work.Facebook is great because it let's us keep tabs on all our friends and stay connected to people we would normally see only once a year at a Christmas party.Don’t fool yourself into thinking he wants something serious, because his behavior is clearly showing otherwise. He’s the kind of guy who needs outside approval to know he’s a worthy human being. A part of you feels for him because it’s obviously coming from a place of believing he’s not good enough as he is, but the fact you have to deal with his constant need for attention is not what you signed up for. He’s using it as a way to sabotage his chance at something real.He’s not even fully aware he’s doing this, and once you realize he’s ruining every chance at a relationship for himself, you can’t help but get a little sad about the whole thing.Next thing you know, he’ll be bailing on dates and ignoring texts.


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