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Fallon Noicrothatch is many things: ruthless and beautiful, clever and haughty. It turns out that grief manifests in unusual ways for Sith Warriors, and so does healing.After ten years of obscurity on Balmorra, Lieutenant Malavai Quinn had almost given up on wanting anything more for himself – until Darth Baras’s newest apprentice entered his life. Liberties will be taken with the story because that's the way this author rolls.) Welcome to Bright’s Winter Wonderland 2016, where SWTOR companions go to get in the holiday spirit!The definitive online steeking compendium is Eunny Jang's and can be found here. After reading your April 2007 archive on the crochet steek, I'm curious -- what happened to the Scott sweater? Everything you need to know is there, so no excuses for all of you who sent me guilty e-mails admitting to your masochistic urges to cut your knitting. I remember admiring the pattern when it first came out from RYC. Right now, I'm still pretty excited about knitting socks.

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Most of all, though, I think I just like having handspun on my person at all times. Did you use any particular technique to control that, or are they just tucked into a side and not visible in the photos? I'm curious about this tubular cast-on business for the edges.

A few day's earlier my sister-in-law had sent me this wool sweater she had picked up in Portland from a thrift store. This is by far one of the most well-loved books in the my library, and if you're a sweater constructo-phile like me, this is essential reading.

When the vest urge hit me hard, the handspun and the sweater were sitting quietly next to each other in the corner when the big yellow light bulb appeared over my head. I also referenced EZ's Knitting Workshop to compare her armhole and neck opening specifications (vague but useful).

First, my apologies for stringing you all along bit by bit with this piece.

In truth I knit the thing from start to finish in a very short period but like to take a little extra time with presentation. Not to mention the obvious fun of milking a good steek for all it's worth.


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