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In ancient times people were faithful to Chinese Zodiac compatibility and often referred to it before a romantic relationship began. Instant Chemistry uses cutting-edge scientific research to bring you the latest advancements in relationship science.Our solution is a multipronged, comprehensive compatibility assessment that provides results that are understandable, meaningful and most important, point the way toward lasting love.We test for complementary genes that have been associated with higher levels of physical attraction and long-term relationship success. If you like U2, do you relate to everyone who likes U2? This service isn't about matching people who both like the same band. Just indicate you want “music recommendations & friendship” in your profile.If you haven't noticed, you get along better with people who like music the same amount as you. Your result tells the compatibility system which members you'll get along with the best. Find meaningful relationships in unexpected places. Display your Music Personality badge on your email signature, blog or social network profile and find your Sound Matches all over the web. Look for the green notes next to each of your matches. Being single, I also did a lot of "field testing," meaning I began to closely examine the music lifestyle of the men I dated to see how well we got along and how connected I felt.

Learn More Explore how your genes may impact your relationship.Your results, will enlighten you as to how you match with your partner whose results may differ on some factors and perhaps overlap on others.Learn More A long-term relationship is important to you.And, I found that listening to the same music is NOT essential for a couple to get along; rather, their enthusiasm for music needs to be similar. At most, it might help you find a healthy, loving relationship with someone who brings out your best. Many years ago I began collecting music quiz results from couples.Repeatedly, I saw a correlation between the couples' test scores and the strength of their relationships.Over 15 years has gone into R&D, also testing and refining the tools that can identify and match Music Personalities.


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