Dating service tickle

Included in the Accounts Receivable module is our "Tickle" Reminder System, which prompts you when a customer needs to be called on a promised payment or when you need to schedule a filter change, or preventative pump maintenance.

The Tickle reminder is proven method of organizing recurring services where the customer needs to be contacted to set up an appointment.

Calls are classified as completed or open and may be assigned to another employee.

With call log reports you will be able to monitor employee effectiveness in dealing with customer calls.

You can view all current transactions right on the computer screen.

Along with room for multiple telephone numbers and the customers e-mail address, the customer file also has fields for bank information and credit card information.

Truck load lists and Before/After Truck count lists are available with the printing of the Delivery Tickets.

Delivery tickets, include delivery instructions, last payment and the last 3 previous deliveries.

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