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Doing so is a recipe for disaster – because if you get hacked in one place, all of your other online accounts at other sites which use the same password could fall shortly afterwards.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Facebook has confirmed that it is, in fact, doing the same check this time around.It’s worth noting, again, that Facebook doesn’t have to do anything nefarious to know what its users passwords are. It’s an extremely safe bet to say that we can expect plenty more “we have stuck your account in a closet” messages from Facebook with regards to the Cupid Media data set, given the head-bangers that people used for passwords.We have also implemented the need for consumers to use stronger passwords and made various other improvements.

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it's true, then it's highly irresponsible that POF hasn't put up an announcement on the front page (or anywhere, for that matter).

It should also be noted that, despite claiming to have plugged the security hole, POF is still sending out passwords in plain text.

Which is just this side of just posting them on the Internet for everyone to see.

In a blog post, e Harmony’s corporate communications chief Becky Teraoka said that the firm was resetting the passwords of affected users.

Unfortunately, e Harmony doesn’t offer much detail of the security incident – only saying that “a small fraction” of its userbase was impacted, and there is no information shared of how the data breach might have happened.


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