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Henriksson (2012) indicated the occurrence of another solar eclipse described in the Iliad (Il.17.366-377) and proposed the total solar eclipse of the 11th June 1312 yr B. (Gregorian calendar) based on his own calculations, whereas in accordance with the NASA’s site Xavier Jubier “Five Millennium (-1999 to 3000) Canon of Solar Eclipses Database” the corresponding date of this solar eclipse is the 24th June 1312 yr B. In this paper the above reference will be called NASA catalog (Stephenson and Houlden (1986), Stephenson and Morrison (1984), Stephenson (1997), Espenak and Meeus (2006) and (2009a, b, c), Morrison and Stephenson (2004)).

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Among them, a solar eclipse mentioned by Heraclitus of Pontus (Allegories, 75, 1, 1-9, 3), is described in the Odyssey during the suitors killing (Od. The authors justified that the annular solar eclipse of the 30th October 1207 yr B. observable from the Ionian Islands as a partial one with significant obscuration of 75% is that mentioned by Homer.

There were celebratory scenes among the scores of supporters who had gathered outside the court in Sarajevo, the capital of the country where Oric is regarded by many as a war hero.

Representatives of the Serbian victims condemned the acquittal.

We were unable to verify where the quote originated or with who, but it did not originate with Mattis.

ABSTRACT A solar eclipse’s evolution was described in the Iliad in a stepwise mode manifested in increasing gradual darkness, during a warm day at late noon; from Sarpedon’s death time to few later from Patroclus’ death time. Archaeologists proposed various dates corresponding in the layers VI and VII as well VIIa or VIi correspond to the ΥΕ III Β 2 (Late Mycenaean B Age or Late Bronze Age) whether or not they accept the Trojan War’s reality (Table 1).


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