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You'll have more freedom and independence, and most importantly, you'll have more TIME TO LIVE YOUR LIFE! Minisite Graphics (all that you need) - at an additional charge.4. You'll be able to see graphics samples and copy samples there:2.

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Each article was well researched, conversational, and enjoyable to read. Paula S Just a note to those on the fence about this offer. If you are not getting Sebastian to write for you, you are missing out on a secret treasure.

I requested the free samples on the 29th and Sebastion replied promptly saying that "He was on it..." I got a PM from the very next day with a link to download the sample articles and I have to tell you they are amazing. If it was good, I will do the same thing for the next topic. Michael Hi Warriors, it’s hard to find good writers i tested Sebastian’s skills on 2 very difficult niches, in fact one was refused by most of the writers i work with.

I’ve already planned for another 20,000 words, and fully expect to renew that order as soon as it’s done.

Great service – fast, quality work, good communication, great price. Mark After receiving the “free trial re-write” from Sebastian, I have made 2 orders of more than 20 articles each and I’ve been very happy with his service.

Spelling and grammar are perfect, and keyword density is just right. Mark Sebastian, Thanks for writing those 3 free sample articles.The articles are well researched and written very well and flow rather smoothly. Great service, I will be in touch again soon, and would highly recommend to all warriors Cheers Big JP I test out new writers all the time. The articles are written in a very easy-going, conversational manner.I gave him specific instructions on how I wanted my articles written and he had no problem taking care of them exactly as I described. Just read through the sample article's you provided, and as Tony the Tiger (Frosties Tiger) would say.... Unlike many articles I receive, they're actually interesting to read.I'm going to be submitting them to some directories tomorrow and when I see some results I'll be back for more! Thomas Smale ..wanted to thank you for your excellent articles!They are a much higher quality than you find other places for this price.The article was awesome, some of the rewritten article reads even better than the original.


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