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Good kids in bad environment, doing what they must do to survive. The look Spielberg’s boring but visually interesting adaptation of Kubrick’s “AI” comes to mind.Neon lights are abundant in Neo-Tokyo, as long as it’s not campy like “Batman Forever” or “Batman and Robin”.This entry was posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 at pm and is filed under My Artistic Endeavors, Pop Culture/Media.You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.However, that could only mean that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing Tetsuo. However, this live-action movie is starting to look more generic by the minute.Of course, I’ve been wrong about these kinds of projects before.Tetsuo feels as if Kaneda has betrayed him, the older brother who would never harm him, and this is when Rome and Romulus finally draw the line.

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You wouldn’t pick that up if you watched only the anime. I would assume they weren’t spoiled, wealthy kids like in “Alpha Dog”.Young gangsters are messed up and hardened, so they need to look it. Maybe the characters can be at least 16 and the older is about 20.But they also need to look innocent enough so when they save the day, it’s not unexpected.What they need is a lot of flash, action, and definitely a good modern soundtrack.It was like Batman and Robin, if you didn’t like the movie itself, you definitely can dig the soundtrack. 7, 2010 – RUMOR – Morgan Freeman has been offered the role of the colonel.In the manga, all the events lead up to Kaneda and his gang discussing how to deal with Tetsuo and ultimately confronting Tetsuo.


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