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Henson had been reported as having trained with Saracens two days prior to this announcement on 25 October 2010, leading to speculation that the return to professional rugby was imminent.

Henson's agent, Matt Ginvert, stated that Henson will return to Rugby after completing his commitments with the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing programme, and Saracens chief executive Edward Griffiths said that he saw no reason why Henson would not compete for the club before Christmas 2010.

A groin injury delayed his return to club rugby in the autumn of the year.

Within months of his Ospreys return, Henson was cited for kicking and elbowing Leicester prop Alex Moreno in a game against Leicester on 19 December 2005.

In Wales' opening fixture in February, at home to England, Henson gave an effective performance; making two tackles on Mathew Tait (earning Tait the nickname 'Henson's Handbag') and landing the match-winning points with a 48 m penalty kick and being named man of the match.

When he was selected for the second test, he was injured and could not play in the final test.

In 2003, regional rugby was launched in Wales, and Henson played for the Ospreys.

Henson's one and only appearance for Llanelli RFC was against the then Border Reivers at Greenyards in May 2000. Henson played at 10 and scored 5 points (1 conversion & 1 penalty).

During this time, he had started paving the way to his international career by signing for the Wales A team.

He was found not guilty of the kicking offence, but guilty of the elbowing.

He was initially suspended for ten weeks and two days: this period was reduced on appeal to seven weeks.


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