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It is up to Lady Charlotte Prentice to lure the ringleaders from hiding so the team can "gift wrap" a very special present for the bad guys.Emma Caulfield guest stars in this Woodside episode, is another former member of Joss Whedon's "Whedonverse", as is Christian Kane.After Lane discovers his binding is broken, he skis off down the hill being chased by the paperboy, but somehow miraculously ends up at the summit, also being chased by the paperboy. The lead singer of the band performing at the school dance appears to be wearing a different outfit for the second song even though there is no break between songs.You only see her as they are leaving the gym but it looks to me like a different dress The green raisin dish Lane's mom makes is spooned out onto Lane's plate.They travel to the Hamptons to infiltrate a bachelor auction and look for one run-away bride.They uncover a ring of "Laceys," all on script with their tripping and soul gazing seduction techniques.Then he 'charms' Lady Charlotte and they walk out seconds later, without his credit card being visibly returned.Although there is a small possibility that the waiter could have chased him, the time needed to run a card through a EFTPOS machine would have meant they would have been out the door before the waiter even reached the cashier.

See more » Nate offers his credit card to the waiter for "Lady Charlotte's" bill.Through several shots after, the green raisin stuff is flat as a pancake on his plate.Just before the raisin stuff crawls off his plate, it is a LARGE pile.Alternator, water pump, and distributor, all of which are needed for the car to run!When Lane Myer is in the bathroom getting ready for his date with Joanne Greenwald, (the girl with the big antenna on her face), you can see TWO!! Lane starts spraying his left underarm, but then notice that another stream of deodorant starts from the lower right side of the screen.He has guest conducted over thirty American orchestras in such cities as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Honolulu, and Chicago.


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