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Baby is a strong female protagonist; while she comes from a privileged family, she wants to help people, all kinds of people, and she stands up and speaks out when things aren’t right. She helps the bag boy take the luggage out of her family’s car when no one else does.

One in particular, Robbie, when talking about ‘those’ lower status staff members, remarks, “Some people count and some people don’t”; the divide of class is instantly clear.

These dirty dancers work all day, then they listen to soul music pioneered by black culture, drink beer, and sweatily grind the night away.

When Baby sees Johnny for the first time, it is clear to her, and audiences, that he’s a bad boy; he’s wearing a black leather jacket and black sunglasses…indoors.

I found this really interesting when I compared it to Penny’s situation, as she doesn’t get punished at all.

Baby gets her father to come and help Penny, and he does, being very respectful and kind to her, despite his personal disagreement with what she’s done.


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