Drupal feed aggregator not updating

For future updates, your site’s cron job will automatically update the feed. At this point, you could go ahead and create a block of this feed.

Under , you’ll find a new block available called “Zotero feed latest items.” That feed, however, will include all of the attachments, notes, and other things that Mark used Pipes to filter out, so for Drupal, we can turn to Views to help solve the same problem.

Before going further, we need to add some display values to the view so we can see what it’s actually doing. Among the list of available fields, you should see one called “Aggregator Title”. If you have other feeds running in your aggregator, your view will be showing all aggregated links.Views is really one of the most important Drupal modules out there, so you should already have it installed.If not, download the latest release from it’s project page, unpack the contents, and upload the resulting “Views” folder into your /sites/all/modules directly.Drupal ships with a core module called “Aggregator,” which is disabled by default.To enable it, go to your modules page (, then click on the Add Feed tab: Here, copy and paste your Zotero Library feed URL (of course, you could also use a group feed or a folder feed) into the URL box, and give your feed a title. You can always give your block a snappier name later on, but you do need to remember this title for building the view in the next steps.It can be a little disorienting at first, but the controls are pretty simple.


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