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They really shouldn’t be getting into trouble for breaking the law, instead.

Stealing cell phones and wallets and breaking into other people’s homes.

Their issues were jumping off my desktop monitor like photos from the scrapbooks of my own younger days.

In short, the old hag has had the same problems (or some other version of them) way back when.

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Not ask them to vote into office their sons and daughters who have no accomplishments of their own to speak of. Well, good luck with laying "the foundation for life-long learning and service for the common good".

From this, they have learned to become tolerant and respectful of other cultures, as well as their own.

Case in point : My daughter's curfew before she turned 16; while she wasn’t happy about this, she couldn't really complain.

The tweeter page Filipino Problems, on the other hand, presents the day-to-day challenges faced by two young Filipino-Canadians and their friends, all growing up in Filipino families in their adoptive country of Canada.

It cracked me up when I went and checked out what those guys' problems were.


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