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Steeped in subtle detail and unspoken emotion, The Snow Rabbit is a book to cherish.

Also known as Princesse Camcam and the creator of the celebrated Fox's Garden, Camille Garoche lives in Paris with her partner and daughter.

But the rabbit starts to melt so they decide to try and take the wheel chair out in the snow.

To their astonishment, the rabbit comes to life and it starts to grow.

This story could just as easily have been the non-wheelchair-using sister getting her foot caught in a hole in the ground, and the girls are clearly both in this together, equal partners.

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Garoche creates the art through cut-paper illustrat I love reading children books as they are so fun, interesting and incredible with both stories and art!

Garoche creates the art through cut-paper illustrations and they are simply gorgeous.

I'm going to track down her other book at our library.

I don't really count them as part of my number of books for the year but I love keeping track of them.

This one, The Snow Rabbit, does not have a story, just the most beautiful art story by the author Camille Garoche.


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