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A phone number is registered as a buddy on Chat ON. Translation Translation service is provided in 1:1 chat room.Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese is cross-translated to each other, and German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese is translated into English or English translated into these languages.When in use, it provided services such as voice/video chatting, translation, Post ON, Anicon, Animessage, SMS/MMS exchanging feature, as well as basic services such as buddy registration, chatting and multimedia sharing.Buddies Buddies are automatically added based on the user’s contact list.Usage of the web client was tied to a Samsung account instead of a phone number, and buddy lists from mobile accounts could be imported to the web client.Users received the same messages regardless of version while they maintained their web and mobile version’s profiles independently.Snow is a Korean Snapchat clone (created by Korean company Naver, the developer behind LINE messenger) that rips off Snapchat’s features in virtually every way, down to the dog filters.

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Snapchat’s best feature, on a purely shallow level, is its filters.Yes, the fleeting nature of snaps encourages a truer, more authentic documentation of life in real-time than moments carefully curated on Instagram.But girl, look how good you look in that flower crown lens!Simply connect this HD webcam to your computer and video chat instantly with Skype™, Windows® Messenger or your favorite IM application!Eliminate background noise and be heard clearly with the built-in noise-canceling microphone.If a user deleted his account, his or her devices that were connected through the account are initialized and all data of chat room and server was deleted.


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