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Its uncompressed digital so its as good as it gets.You cant tell the copy on the hard disk from the master, its an exact copy. But its still a digital copy of an analog source of circa 1992 quality.Unfortunately, sometimes the edit masters are missing cutaway shots and things like that so that makes it a bit more time consuming.I use final cut pro and a pinnacle cinewave card for capture.Here's some ZFX Insider news directly from Rick Masters..may not post here much, but he's usually very open with me whenever I ask him questions via e-mail. He still reads it regularly and he'll be posting a little closer to when his new show comes out, hopefully around February 2006.zee-ef-ex: Last week you posted about being disappointed in the look of the DVD transfer for As far as the transfers, they are as good as is possible.And if you have a naked girl struggling in bondage, camera tricks aren't needed; they're only a distraction. My grade: Some random thoughts: Ralphus: Your q and a with Rick Masters has raised as many new questions as it has provided answers.

A Canadian, Gravedigger and others in past months were speculating about Lisa Kinkaid's future with ZFX.What he's doing is a lot of work, but hopefully worth it in the long run. For everyone's info: There's a site called that will create a tiny URL out of a longer one, pointing to the same link. In Kill The Scream Queen, he showed great promise with a ZFX-inspired low budget tribute to bondage, rape and torture. Why intentionally turn the clock back 90 years and make a film with no live audio?But his followup was The Crucifier, in which he cast a lot of pretty naked women and then basically gave them nothing to do. As a director, his intention seems to be to make this into an art film (maybe something along the lines of Pink Floyd: The Wall), so the film is filled from start to finish with an atmospheric alternative music soundtrack. Even those old bondage loops from the 1970s weren't silent on purpose; it was just the medium (8 mm) that they were filmed on.I looked at Future Shock and think it looks pretty good but its from an old analog source, in this case SVHS tape. Most of titles have been remastered completely, including Future Shock.They are captured to hardisk for encoding from the edit masters one generation from the camera masters.Do you think this might be a "Best of Lisa Kinkaid" collection, much like the idea that was discussed on this board a short while ago?


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