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While the Board is concerned with individual rights so is it concerned with the re- sponsibility of the college community to avoid taking advantage of membership in this community in order to further partisan political or other views.

The Board wishes to note its concern that members of the college community have the privileges and rights ac- corded to other citizens.

Lankford, Jr., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 23901 Second Class mailing privileges at Farmville, Va. The official groundbreaking ceremonies for the new home economics and faculty offices building took place the second week of October. Joyce Fay Linhart of Newport News, a member of Longwood's 1969 freshman class, was the recipient of the first Becky Godwin Scholarship, awarded by the Virginia Education Association. " but rather, "What kind of citizens shall we educate our children to be.'" For whether it wishes to assume the responsibility of education for citizenship or not, the school has the responsibility thrust upon it.

Lancaster, President Emeritus, Longwood College, Mill- boro Springs, Va. 24503 Second Vice-President Annie Lee Young Duff, P. 23224 Published quarterly by Longwood College, Farmville, Va. The question before the schools today is not, "Shall we educate for citizenship?

This includes the student body as well as the faculty and staff.

In order that this might be accomplished, the Board of Visitors recognizes that certain rights and certain responsibilities must be incum- bent upon the varied parties involved in the educational process.

Scott, associate professor of biology, has been appointed chairman of the Department of Natural Sciences. Joan of Arc has been moved to the Gold Room of ,the Lankford Building for "safe-keeping." She will return to the Rotunda when the renovation is completed, tentatively in the spring of 1970. A meeting of the council of the Association of Longwood College Alumnae was held on campus September 27. The student body has the right to expect that the fun- damentals of due process will be accorded to each and every student just as these fundamentals also must be ac- corded to all members of the college community.

Dalton took the ladies on a tour of Curry Dormi- tory. The day was part of a continuing effort toward closer communication between the College and the parents of our students. It is recognized that no single statement is capable of covering all possible contingencies but it is hoped that this statement will convey the pre- vailing philosophy of the Board.

22202 First Vice-President Gladys Griffin Jetek, 4433 Gorman Dr., Lynchburg, Va. 23339 Ex-President Jean Ridenour Appich, 34 Willway Ave., Richmond, Va. 23075 Janet Williams, 2803 Skipwith Rd., Richmond, Va. 301, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452 Camille Thomas, 2209-D Chateau Dr., Richmond, Va. It is the duty, as well as the opportunity, of the public schools of this generation to help solve this problem.

22601 Eleanor Folk Canter, 456 Ott St., Harrisonburg, Va. 23222 Suzanne Meek, 3 South Oak Ave., Highland Springs, Va. On September 19, District "D" of the VEA met on the Longwood campus. At the afternoon delegate assembly speakers included Dr. The motto of this cen- tury seems to be, "Out with the old, in with the new." Yet the solution of this problem which stands before us today and which would mean such a step from the old order has been dreamed of by the greatest minds of times past — the problem of universal peace.

24015 May Henry Sadler Midgett, 401 Bay Colony Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. 101, Norfolk, Vir- ginia 23502 Olivia Gibson, 2624 Yale Court, Apt. 22301 Shirley Durvin, 4307 Austin Ave., Richmond, Va. The Schools And The Peace Movement (Written in 191.t) This is the age of progre.«s.

38117 Margaret Turpin Burke, 2008 Mimosa Dr., Lynchburg, Va. 24503 Chairman of Alumnae House Committee Rosemary Elam Pritchard, 604 E. 23860 Executive Secretary and Treasurer Elizabeth Shipplett Jones, Rt. 23901 Class Representatives Helen Weeks Parker, 1136 Georgetown Rd., Apt. 22401 Margie Wood Steele, 6 East Bellefonte Ave., Alexandria, Va. The Board of Visitors can tolerate no activity which disrupts the normal processes of instruction, study, re- search, service, assembly, and incites others to disrupt the functions of the College.


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