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The weaknesses of its own financial institutions were in many ways overlooked as it was now supported by the strong economies of Northern Europe, Germany and France in particular.

Clearly the message still has not sunk in or simply they do not want to hear it.

He had no experience of managing the economic affairs of any institution or business before accepting his appointment to the post of managing the nations finances. The present Greek government's lack of the necessary experience to manage such a challenging economic environment became very obvious.

The words Jesus used for this state of affairs was the blind leading the blind.

Today, psychological disorders are named after some of the characters, have you heard of the Oedipus Complex? There is something all too familiar with the current Greek tragedy, not played out in an ancient amphitheatre, but in the nation itself today.

And the sad part about this Greek tragedy is that like so many of the ancient tales, it could so easily have been avoided with a bit more wisdom and forethought.


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