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Gourmet could be anything from what you put in the burger, to what you put on the burger, to how you cook the burger, to what kind of bread you use and what you serve it with.of them at this point might make me drool all over this keyboard of mine.. Add the mushroom mixture, turkey meat, rosemary, sage, savoury and smoked paprika in a large bowl. Mix tomatoes with chopped chives and balsamic vinegar.2. Form four even-sized patties with the ground buffalo. Slide the burgers in and cook on each side until brown, about 2 minutes. Remove the crab meat from the can, squeeze out excess liquid, and pick through to remove any shells. Form into patties and place on lightly greased (PAM works wonders) baking tray.

it doesnt even have to be a "ham" burger, I seen Ruby Tuesday's has an excellent looking crab cake burger.... Serve lamb burgers in pita, with Taziki and diced tomatoes. lean ground buffalo 6-1/2 oz Maytag or Ciel de Charlevoix blue cheese, at room temperature2-2/3 oz dried candied cranberries1 tbsp finely chopped onion1 tbsp finely chopped garlicsaltpepper2 tbsp olive oil, for cooking2 tbsp butter, for cooking1. Place the blue cheese ball in the middle of the meat patties. Move the burgers to the oven, transferring them to a baking tray if your sautéing pan is not ovenproof. Bake 40 minutes, or until tops of burgers are lightly browned and meat is white all the way through.

Fauna is about the things we love: group dining with our new friends in a lively space.

The food is inspired by fun in the kitchen with a menu that is seasonally driven.

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crab, lamb, elk, buffalo, salmon, chicken, turkey, veggie ... When mixture has cooled, transfer to food processor. If I didn't mix in another sauce, I like a little ketchup on 'em, too.Members are permitted to attend as many events or as few events as they choose. Should you find yourself traveling to these locations, you are welcome to contact the group and join an event.Each group is privately owned and a completely separate entity from the NYC branch.The group has traveled the globe, dined weekly together for 36 years and introduced 1000’s of members to each other over a good meal, fine conversation and a glass of wine.Now thirty six years later, we are recognized and welcomed by restaurants all over the city where we started.Single Gourmet will have a private area to enjoy this fun yet sophisticated experience!


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