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All the while, between orgasms there were periods of stillness, when Granny snored gently having returned to deeper sleep.

It was this gentle snoring that took my attention back to granny's parted lips, the inviting portal to her warm wet mouth.

Glad that Mia allowed me to share her photos and pattern here at Craft Passion.

Hi Easter Granny was initially intended to be a stand alone story, but toward the end of writing the story I felt there was some potential for a longer story, so I left the ending "open".

It was not until I was enthusiastically frigging her with three fingers that she reacted. My hands under her belly raised her hips exposing her arsehole, allowing my tongue better access. I gently I ran my tongue around the raised bruised muscle that framed her gaping anus..

With my palm I massaged her pubic bone while my fingers busily stimulated her clitoris and labia. As she relaxed beneath this oral massage so her gape increased in size.

The knowledge that I had caused, this change at the least a temporary change, maybe in time what might be a permanent change in Granny's physiognomy was exciting in itself. None the less, a martyr to my art, my first move was to attend to the video camera, repositioning it for the best angle, I zoomed in to record the very best pictures of her distended vulva and anus.

well, accurately speaking, this is the first time I know that this crochet block is “African Flower”.Granny cried out in pain, this I think brought me back to full consciousness.It was obvious to me that Granny's arse could be stretched no further, not without the risk of her tearing.Slowly I started to extract my fingers from her anus, while keeping my other hand in her vagina.When my fingers were out, her arsehole did not close, there was a gape -- a dark tunnel of delight. Looking at her distended vagina, swollen labia, and still gaping anus had caused me to develop a raging erection.1-888-465-7388 is by far my favorite Cheapest and Dirtiest Live Sex Chat PLUS Real Local Sex Finder, Voyeur Eavesdrop Line and Erotic Stories Phone Sex Number I Have EVER Found…all in one amazing toll free number!


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