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Seeing the camp with so many dead plants is a little disconcerting, although this will make maintenance of the site much easier.It also reveals more of the foundations and other remains of the old camp buildings.Spent a little over an hour at Camp Michaux this afternoon prompted by an email from Andre Weltman regarding heavy equipment at the entrance to the lower service road. It is currently focused on removing trees, I assume so they can get access to the concrete structures along Toms Run.While I was there I walked the camp to examine the results of herbicide treatment over most of the area west of Michaux Road.

Use an appropriate insect repellent containing DEET.

Photos show the Japanese gates were a different design and I found no evidence of plates.

The area has overgrowth and fallen trees, so if there is anything there, it would take clearing work to look further.

In April 1945, just weeks before the Tom's Run bridge date of May 25th, General Patton's Third U. Army won the Battle of Kassel and many Germans surrendered.

According to the German Military Abbreviations Handbook issued 1943 by the Military Intelligence Service, "Lt." Momberg is a 2nd Lieutenant. I can find nothing on "Prolg" or their military unit name "Ovenecol 35".


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