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This method was confirmed as working as of 10th April 2012 using the latest i OS xxx and current Facebook (v.4110.0), Dropbox (v1.4.6) and Linked In (v35) i OS apps.

You do not need to have a jailbroken i Phone or i Pad for this to work.

Look for the one that belongs to the app you want to “hack”, in this case lets try Kim’s Face Book app so I scroll down until I see com.facebook. You will now be prompted for somewhere to extract the data to. Now go and open the folder where you just extract the com.facebook. You are now done with the i Phone Backup Explorer/Extractor application and can close it. Now double tap the home button to launch the recent apps bar and tap and hold on the Facebook icon in the bottom bar until they all wobble, click the delete icon on the top left to quit Facebook background app.

I just created a temporary folder called Test in my Documents and pointed it at that. Important step: You need to completely exit Facebook app on your i OS device before proceeding, logging out of Facebook via the app is not enough. The next step is to copy the extracted plist file onto your current device.

In my case I’ll be demonstrating it with my girlfriend’s backup (she’s not an ex and I have her permission), her name is Kim and you can see a backup of her i Phone and i Pad from April 2012 but these could be considerably older depending on when the device was last connected.

Right so now you know you’ve got a backup from your exes phone what next?

You need to install an app to be able to extract files from inside the backup files created by i Tunes, there’s a lot of software around that can do this but the ones listed below are not only FREE they are easy to use: I don’t have access to a Windows machine to get screen shots for the next step but I’m sure it’s pretty similar to the OS X method.

I had a feeling that there were people coming into my home during times when I wasn’t there, and a keychain camera works nice because nobody expects for it to be a camera. Read More My ex-husband recently got released from prison. He was very apologetic, said he wasn’t going to try and reenter our kids’ lives without my blessing, and would leave my new husband alone. She’s never visited here, but has been talking about it since I came here from overseas.[Again I re-iterate the moral/legal implications of such actions] Ok so how can you hack into somebody else’s Facebook using a file from their i OS backup?You’ll need two pieces of sofware: 1 – to read the backup files an extract the plist file 2 – to allow you to drag and drop plist files onto your current i OS device Let us pretend you want to gain access to your ex-girlfriend’s Facebook account and you know that she used to connect her i Phone or i Pad to your computer.I do not condone using the methods below to gain access to anybody’s accounts without their prior permission, I hold no responsibility if using the information in this post lands you in trouble with your ex partner, current partner, your boss, the police, your kids, etc.In case you weren’t aware a security flaw was found by Gareth Wright earlier this week that allows your Facebook login key to be copied form one i OS device to another and essentially allow a 3rd party access to your account without needing to know your account email address or password.Granted you need a third party app to access the file and place it onto another i OS device but crucially, the insecure file is copied to your computer during a normal i Tunes backup. But in today’s modern and social society, the likelihood is that you have a computer you share with your wife, girlfriend, housemates, family or you have been at a friends house with a low battery and connected your i Phone to give it a little extra juice.


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