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When the show hit screens in 1966, he and Ward became overnight sensations, in what was the most expensive show on television at the time.

It was also one of the funniest, with its surreal double entendres.

West explained: “Burt and I were like kids in a candy store.

It was the Swinging Sixties with free love and women threw themselves at us. Orgy is a harsh word, but it was eight at one time.

Holy family viewing, Batman — it turns out the Caped Crusader’s fetching satin pants spent a lot of time on the floor.

West said later: “I was doing things I wasn’t very comfortable doing. Heavy drinking even almost ruined a meeting with Pope Paul VI.The show was axed, its ratings dropped and deals with other stations fell through.For West, being famous for wearing his underpants on the outside and for his joyous sense of kitsch did not translate into new job offers.One exception, incredibly, was an offer in 1970 to take over from Sean Connery as the new James Bond.But he turned down the role because he believed that the secret agent should be British. Despite a few bit parts, he soon found himself reduced to appearing in safety ads and schlepping around for paid personal appearances.Apart from a beach and public washrooms, planes have also often been places where people are known to have sex.


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