Help updating my resume

Your résumé doesn’t need to look pretty—it should always look professional—as long as your content is solid.

Read on for some of the most important things I learned!

Rather than recycling the same old content and put useless information in front of a hiring manager, my job descriptions mirrored the job requirements for each role.I poured my heart into my cover letters, so why did I need an objective on my résumé?Well, even though it pains me to say this after sinking so many hours into writing cover letters, a cover letter might not even be read if your resume doesn’t pass the test first.However, in the midst of all that editing, I learned a few quick tricks that helped me out along the way.First, here’s the résumé I submitted for my current job: Keep in mind that in my field (marking, communications, design), it’s ok to have something that looks a little funky.You can follow her infinite adventures on her blog or Facebook page. Oh, yeah, and what year did you get that certification, again?


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