Immediately updating school cancellations

We do not use the "robocall" system for districtwide closures because there simply isn't enough time in the morning for our system to make it through the thousands of calls needed to reach everyone.Parents should keep an eye on those sources whenever they hear about poor weather conditions being forecast.When dangerous conditions exist, we ask parents to listen to the news on the radio or television and to check the FISD website and social media channels or other news channel websites for potential changes in the regular schedule. If there is a need for a closing or delay, parents will receive communications from the District.If you contact the schools, you will get a recording if the status of school is to delay or cancel.School parking and driveway areas are cleared with the following priority: Following a snowstorm, student parking areas might not be plowed by the start of the school day.Students who normally drive to school should consider taking the bus or carpooling until student parking areas are cleared.Our old website had a status message of "all schools open and on time" that would change when closures or delays were announced.

Parents and guardians should notify their children’s school of the excused absence.

For safety and security purposes, school administrators who can safely reach the building will be at the school to make sure that children are not dropped off or left unattended if a parent does not get the word on a delay or cancellation.

When we have inclement weather or an emergency occurs, there are numerous factors considered before closing or delaying the opening of the schools.

or before an update is published and sees a status of "all schools open" they're getting inaccurate information.

It’s better to assume schools are open and stay tuned in to district sources and the media for the latest updates in the event that the status changes.


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