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It was last year that such posts increased in intensity, bearing a bitter fruit in real life.The stereotyping, vilification, bigotry, bias, blatant racism and hatred, camouflaged by seemingly legitimate causes, were continuously repeated on a daily basis and intentionally directed at a specified ethnic group.At this time, people from every corner can use fake names to hide their true identity and spread whatever they want via the Internet without being accountable to what they have to say.Twitter feeds were among the great catalysts in facilitating the Arab Spring which ultimately led to long lasting crises. RU DENGI-V-DOLG-NA-KARTU-BEZ-PROVERKI-KREDITNOJ-ISTORII. RU DFEQOCJKLMNVBCGDETFHWTSGDROKEIFJGHTDCBVHSFGDTEQPMCNNVBHDGRTZC. RU DZHENERIKI-VIAGRY-LEVITRY-I-SIALISA-KUPIT-V-SANKT-PETERBURGE.

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Many (including women and children) left their homelands with bare hands, abandoning their properties - creating a temporary social crisis which the government and people struggled to solve jointly. I would blame not only the irresponsible people who spread racism and lies but also their means, the unregulated social networks.

Humans have the highest developed and advanced way of communication.

Gradually, with the expansion of the Internet, everyone joined and created websites for e-commerce, advertisements, news, dating, mail services and blogging.

Since then, the Internet evolved at an alarming speed with the advancement of the communication technology, and technology entrepreneurs started to build versatile and user-friendly social networks.


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