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Quite often, the difference in personalities forms the perfect bond between the two parties. Introverts can use their quiet charm in swaying those extroverts into doing business with their company.

Life isnt meant to be hard, but try telling this to 16 year old Harry Potter, who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Lighten 'em up and chances are, you'll own the room.

NA: The car rental business seems to rely heavily on strong customer service to be competitive.

LU: Over the years, I found it interesting that some of our most successful sales efforts occurred when introverts, like me, went head to head with gregarious extroverts, like Jim Click and Harold Meek, both big-time car dealers. We always seemed to resolve any issues, primarily because they trusted me.

They'd tell a funny story or make a quip about something or other, and I'd always show my appreciation.

LU: The dynamic usually plays out favorably, like a balance of nature. Usually, these character flaws come from a lack of confidence.Here’s to self-promotion by using our strengths as introverts—and without bragging! In the following exchange, he shares his experience navigating his life at Enterprise as an introvert.Despite his reputation as a maverick, I find his insights and advice for introverts sound and sage—and they smack of good leadership. I didn't realize you were POSING FOR A FUCKING ALBUM COVER FROM THE 1970S.I bet all the songs would be about eucalyptus, seeing as that's all you can eat, you non-omnivorous little shit.Why don't you get down off your tree trunk and act like a normal animal, or are you too good for us? My mind didn't even want to comprehend your cute little existence anyway.


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