Is erik rhodes dating anyone

(He) made me into a completely different person who I liked being.” I shared my thoughts with his boyfriend after he heard about James' death.

James was self-tortured but would be the last person to ask you to feel sorry for him, even if he needed it. For James, many wanted to help but everyone who offered made him wonder if it was only an investment of advice with the hope of a sexual return.

“I know he’s waiting, afraid to get the phone call that I’m dead.

The Eighties icon - who is best known for songs Hold On to the Nights and Right Here Waiting - only recently came back on the market after splitting with his wife of 25 years, actress and dancer Cynthia Rhodes.And though many of the details surrounding Rhodes’ death and apparent heart attacked are still unknown, his steroid use have been a contributing factor.At the very least, Rhodes’ untimely passing can be a reminder to all of us – gay and straight – about the very real risks inherent in steroid use.He was a giving person with a special wit, and he put his all into every performance.He wanted to give his fans the best he could every single time he stepped in front of the camera.His real name was James, and he was a larger than life personality who meant different things to a lot of different people.


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